Tiago Batista


Born in Lisbon in 1967, Tiago Batista attended Fine Arts School of Lisbon, where he obtained his degree in Visual Arts - Painting. While studying he works for CGTP – Intersindical (Unions Federation) painting scenarios and tracks for rallies, an activity he follows in the Netherlands, working on sets for theater and television. Later, and again in Lisbon, with three other colleagues founds the Autores em Movimento/Moving Authors group, responsible for the production and trusteeship of several exhibitions in the course of the nineties, such as: Jetlag, in the Rectory of the University of Lisbon, Greenhouse Display at Estufa-fria and X-rated in the Zé dos Bois Gallery. During this period he also participates in several group exhibitions and held, in 2004, a solo exhibition, One Week Show at Sala do Veado. In 2007, as a result of a competition held by the company Mainside, he designs and implements an intervention in the Art Building under the title War / Work. In 2011 obtains a Master degree from the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon and, in 2014, exhibits individually in Berlin, Rosalux Gallery, under the title Nowadays. Currently teaches in the Visual Arts Degree at the University of Algarve, where he develops his PhD in Communication, Culture and Arts.